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The Future Is a Myriad of Blockchain Clients

I work for Parity Technologies, and we build blockchain clients. Blockchains are fascinating in many ways, not least from a software engineering perspective. Working on a blockchain client means you interact with all levels of the software stack from low to high. On the lowest level you’re doing assembly optimization, writing compilers and VMs. You work your way through networking and databases. Finally at the highest level you deal with things like open-source organization and how to organize code in a massive complex application.

Deploying a Haskell Application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

This article describes a simple approach to set up a continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline for a sample Haskell application deploying to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. While some of the scripts provided are specific to Haskell, the general approach is language agnostic and could be applied to any application that can be wrapped in a docker container. A sample application containing all the scripts can be found on Github.

In Search of the Holy Grail of Work

When looking for work, there are a lot of things you have to consider to end up in a place that you’ll be happy. Are you passionate about the problem the company is trying to solve? Will it be personally developing for you? Would you be working with great people that would contribute positively to your life? Another large factor to take into account is “How much BS will I have to deal with”.

How to Focus: The Startup Focus Matrix

In this article I want to talk about a model of thinking that I think a lot of successful companies follow. From startups to enterprises, either explicitly or without knowing it, they do this. Because I’m in the startup world and that’s the world I know, that’s what I’ll focus this article on. Though I do believe it will be useful for non-startup companies as well. Everyone knows that the number one thing a startup needs is focus, everyone keeps spouting that advice, focus.

Haskell in Production: Bdellium

I was reading the comments on a Haskell post on and someone said that while there’s a decent amount of posts around Haskell, there aren’t enough about people using “Haskell in Anger/Prod”. I agree. I’ve been fortunate enough to work for two different companies that are using Haskell in production successfully and I thought I’d tell the story of one of them. Bdellium is a small company in the financial services sector providing analytics and reporting tools mainly to the US retirement industry.

Accepting Payments Is Getting Harder

PCI compliance is not really something often talked about in startup circles, but PCI is changing, and it’s getting a lot harder to comply. In January 2015, PCI DSS v3 was put into action, this is quite a drastic change and increase in requirements from v2. While there have been some writings about this, it hasn’t really made a big buzz in startup circles. But this is a pretty big deal, not least because it shows a trend of what we can expect for the future.